To recreate this shot from Oblivion, we used a DJI Inspire Drone and shot me in a parking lot with a small green screen on the ground behind me.


Next came the 3D motion tracking.  A few tips that worked for me: garbage matte out the actor before motion tracking. Keyframe or move the footage how you want it to appear BEFORE the motion tracking. I couldn't find a good solution for moving the 3D camera and the footage after the camera was created.


I got the 3d model of the space ship and the apartment from from the user "3dartdh".  This is his website: .   He's got some great work.


Visual Effects of Brandon Dohner

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I didn't want to spend time creating air particles, but I badly needed some in the shot.  My solution was to use free particles that Andrew Kramer at VideoCopilot created.


More to come about this shot.  Check back for more behind the scenes and a breakdown!

Watch the shot from Oblivion