Shot on Green Screen at

OSV Studios in North Olmsted, Ohio.

Before & After : Creating the Bridge Scene

Breakdown: Adding a Digital Kylo Ren Mask

The Original Teaser

We released a teaser the day The Force Awakens was released.

BB8 and The Fountain of  Life

A shot that was cut from Cleveland Awakens

As Seen On:

Fox 8 News Reacts

The team was invited to present Cleveland Awakens at the 2016

Wizard World Comic Con convention.

Cleveland Awakens has arrived.  Watch the full trailer above.


This project was a joint effort by bdVFX, Moxie Film Co, Rigid Pixel, and Cosmovore.  A huge thank you to OSV Studios for allowing us to use the green screen studio, and the equipment.  Check out the team members' websites above to find out more about the project.


Breakdowns and deleted scenes below.  More to come!


Visual Effects of Brandon Dohner

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